1. Begin all activities with the name of the most merciful Allah, the Almighty. Depend on the Almighty Allah for success in life and pray to Him.

2. Respect parents, teachers, and elders and give Salam.

3. Think positive, follow the right way, speak the truth, hate evil deeds and try to prevent it. Be diligent and industrious, don’t get frustrated.

4. Come to school before 20-30 minutes every day.

5. Take part in assembly on every Saturday, Tuesday (for college wing only) and Wednesday. Be present in the assembly by 7:30 am.

6. Attend the form class on every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45 am to 8:00 am.

7. Except Tiffin time, no student is allowed to come out of the class or to move here and there.

8. During Tiffin hour, students will not take food out of the class room. Avoid taking tiffin while walking on corridor.

9. Enter the class as soon as the bell rings after Tiffin period.

10. Garbage and filth must be dumped into garbage box.

11. Don’t damage college properties and assets. If any damage is noticed, try to prevent it or inform it the authority.

12. Don’t write anything on the walls, doors or desks.

13. Students must be careful about the use of resources of the institution & be obliged to compensate if any furniture or equipment gets damaged by them.

14. If any equipment lost or damaged by the students in the practical classes, they would be liable to pay subsidies and compensations.

15. Students are strongly prohibited to pluck flowers, fruits and tear any leaf of the trees in the institution.

16. During the class hour, be attentive and try to understand what your teacher says. If you don’t understand anything clearly, draw the attention of your teacher politely.

17. Students must take care of their own books, pen and other accessories. One must not be casual in nature.

18. No student is allowed to carry music CD or Video, DVD, IPod, Pen drive, Cell phone, Story book, Camera etc in the school complex.

19. After school break, students must go back to their homes not staying on the streets around the location of the institution. However, they are expected to play in the playground for some time.

20. Don’t raise hue and cry after the termination bell rings.

21. During school time, a student will not be allowed to go outside the gates.

22. No student is allowed to enter the campus after school hour is over and even after break if there is no club activities, no one will stay in the campus without a reason.

23. Every student must ensure 80% attendance before each term exam. Otherwise he/she will not be allowed to appear at the Half-yearly, Yearly and Pretest Exam.

24. Don’t try to adopt any unfair means in any way in the exam hall. Don’t talk, bring anything prohibited in the exam hall. Bring only necessary things. We adopt ‘Zero Tolerance’ regarding unfair means at any where.

25. In case of a student’s failure two times in consecutive exams, he/she will have no chance to continue his/her study in this institution.

26. Wear neat and clean dress. Keep your shoes, socks and bags clean. Use white handkerchief. Use a spoon to take Tiffin. Don’t bring steel ruler.

27. Female Students can’t color hair and hair must be in two plaits with a white band.

28. Boys hair must be ½ inches. Students must not color their hair.

29. All Students must display ID card hung from their neck.

30. In case of any in disciplinary activities done by any student, obligatory T.C. will be given.

31. ‘Mobile Phone’ is not allowed at this institution. If it is found with anyone, that will be
seized and the student may even receive TC permanently.

32. The school authorities will not be responsible for the recovery if students exchange money / books / jewelry / watches / pens etc from each other.

33. Appropriate action will be taken if anybody leave the college without permission.

34. It is prohibited to make a noise in the library. It is also prohibited to tear the pages of the books and to pen through the lines of the books. Observe all rules to borrow and return books.

35. In case of missing the diary, it can be re-collected from school canteen.

36. Tuition fees must be paid in the internal cash counter of bank in the college campus on the specified dates.

37. Presence of parents is a must on Parents Day.

38. You must follow all the rules, instructions and orders strictly.