I am highly contended to find Mirpur Cantonment Public School and College (MCPSC) has completed its first two years with its eventful journey since January, 2014. As a new Principal, I enthusiastically acknowledge my predecessor for the vibrant guidance and development of this beautiful institution. I am uttermost appreciative and resolutely determined to uphold the MCPSC’s reputation and its mission to develop this institute as one of the top-tired institutions in Bangladesh.

 Presently MCPSC has become center of adjacent community due to its rapid success. If it was only bricks with beautiful interior we would have a fine building only. But it is not just that. Our grounding principles, discipline, sincerity have remained as guide to run the institution in vibrant way.

MCPSC is committed to provide its excellence in teaching and upbringing our children to be ready for future. I am delighted to be a part of this great team that is working relentlessly for the development of this institution to ensure best education for our children. Together with our administrative, teaching and supporting staff-members, it would be our devotional responsibility to provide the best possible education to the students in a well disciplined environment. We believe that our young learners must cultivate virtues and acquire knowledge and skills to prepare themselves to carry out their roles as good citizens of the country.

 Our teachers and support staff members are committed to build an over arching mutual partnership with parents and the community and work together to ensure the development of skills of our young learners to become leaders for future. I will try my best to establish more better communication between teachers & guardians and build a strongest foundation essential for success. Thank you for entrusting us with the opportunity to educate your child. It is going to be a year of great success Insha Allah.