Mirpur Cantonment Public School and College মিরপুর ক্যান্টনমেন্ট পাবলিক স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ                                                                                  EIIN-136788,   School Code-1405,   College Code-1374


Lt Col K M Soulaiman Al Mamun, psc

Lt Col K M Soulaiman Al Mamun, psc

I extend to you a heartfelt greeting and offer my support as we venture together towards wisdom and illumination. Let us embark on this delightful expedition together, where the pursuit of wisdom shall bring us both enrichment and happiness. As the Principal of MCPSC, I express my gratitude to guardians for selecting us to take on the responsibility of cultivating and nurturing their children.

MCPSC began its mission of delivering modern and high-quality education in 2014. The combined efforts of previous proficient principals, dedicated teachers, supportive parents, engaged students, and strong administrative backing have led to the success of MCPSC in just a decade. The institution's main goal is to instill values of discipline, confidence determination and patriotism in students through a variety of educational and extracurricular activities.

The motto of the institution is " Learn, Create, Lead". We mainly focus on empowering students and highlighting their leadership skills by providing them a platform to enhance different attributes like communication skill, team building and collaborative work, planning and strategy building, vision, persistence and determination.  Through creative endeavors, here we nurture students' talents and enhance them with our utmost care. We promote the idea that being kind and compassionate individuals is essential for students as we firmly believe that success gravitates towards those who embody benevolence and integrity. In this institution extracurricular activities are scheduled alongside regular classes. All students are assigned to one of the four houses: Buriganga house, Shitalakkha house, Turag house or Bongshi house. We give students the opportunity to develop their intellect and cognitive ability by having them joined various clubs based on their interests. Diversified development projects like Idea Pad, Anti- Bullying, Oracy, Poster- presentation, Swapno Shiri, Edutainment, Public Speaking are practised here. Besides these, students are awarded green cards and gold cards based on academic performance, as well as to foster a sense of humanity and personal growth among them.  Apart from maintaining a track record of achievement in variety of co- educational competitions held at both national and inter cantonment levels, notably, in 2017, MCPSC triumphantly clinched ' The Chief of Army Staff Runner Up Trophy'. In continuation to this proud recognition, in 2021, it further distinguished itself by winning the esteemed '   The Chief of Army Staff Trophy'.

In MCPSC there are endless opportunities to empower your child with the knowledge, skills and motivation needed to pursue their passion and unlock their full potential. With the golden touch of sincere, intuitive and adaptive teachers; bonded in a chain with dedicated administrators, staffs along with promising guardians MCPSC with all its vibrant students, I believe will definitely continue excelling in upcoming days. I look forward in co- operation with all concerned to continue this noble mission in the field of education and in collaboration with the stakeholders of our dedicated staff and students.

I express my profound gratitude to the esteemed former principals, devoted teachers, diligent staffs, enthusiastic students and supportive parents for their invaluable contribution to MCPSC. Your unwavering commitment has played a crucial role in molding the minds of our young pupils and fostering a culture of excellence. Your precious efforts have left an ineffaceable mark on MCPSC community and I am genuinely grateful for all you do to support the growth of the institution.

I send my heartfelt wishes for a remarkable and enriching academic journey ahead. Let us embrace each day with a spirit of curiosity and resilience, fully aware that together, there are endless possibilities waiting to be explored and achieved.